Blogging President

Pervez Musharraf has written a book. Now, Mahmood Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, has a blog. You can read it in English at

The best part is the comments from Americans. One says, “you are a sad person, you need help may God have mercy on our world.” Another calls Ahmadinejad an idiot. But mostly, Americans are commenting in support of his effort to reach out to the US in an open letter to the God-fearing citizens of our country. A particularly good one from a contributor named “Phantom Justice”:

“Your site is very nteresting and entertaining. We are watching for the sign. The future awaits

My other favorite thing about this blog is imagining the possibilities that would abound if George W. Bush started his own blog. Imagine the pictures of the first pet, the sound clips of particularly triumphal speeches, the sanitized public memos assuring us that we are still winning the war in Iraq. Maybe George Bush’s blog would be a bit boring. Maybe it would look a lot like the White House press page.

But on Ahmadinjad’s blog, in a turnaround from his earlier efforts to block bloggers in Iran, he encourages everyone to send him online feedback. Who’s heard such a call for opinions coming out of the White House lately?


One Response to “Blogging President”

  1. Bryn Says:

    What would Bush’s blog look like? I’m not sure, but we may have an approximation courtesy of Tom Delay. A few weeks ago he had an open forum/blog for a good 75 min. It’s gone now (replaced with a more restricted blog), but it was saved here:

    It’s interesting how most of the negative comments come from Republicans. I suppose they are still smarting from the crushing defeat.

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