More Fun in the Blogosphere

I was about three months late on the Ahmadinejad blog, and now I’m only two weeks late on Tom DeLay’s. At this rate, I’ll catch up to the actual rate of new blogs sometime in the next month. But on Tom DeLay’s…

A snapshot of Tom DeLay’s Blog:

“The top tier candidates appear to be RINO-IN-CHIEF John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. Romney, who was looking to run from the right, touted himself as the lone conservative of the three, however, former statements and gaffe’s that have recently been revealed suggest otherwise.”

Okay, fine, but John McCain is hardly a RINO (Republican in name only). The guy’s scary because people think he’s a centrist but he’s not. Even his own party thinks he’s centrist! But the American Conservative Union gave him a score of 83. By comparison, they gave Barack Obama an 8.

Another gem is DeLay’s comparison of Nancy Pelosi to Leon Trotsky. And his tag of “Liberals Gone Wild” for the Media Research Center’s kookiest liberal awards.

As my friend Bryn pointed out, for the first 75 minutes that DeLay’s blog was posted last week, people could comment uncensored. Here‘s the link to a snapshot of the site. Even if the site is a phony, it’s a pretty amusing one.


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