I’ve moved!

I’m across the country anyway, with no plans to look back.  I came out to Washington, DC last Monday on a one-way ticket from San Francisco.  In my last week in the Bay Area, I went skiing for a day in Tahoe and drove down the coast to Big Sur to bask in the glow of my last sunset over the Pacific for awhile.   I already miss the mountains and the ocean.  They just don’t make em quite the same in this part of the country.

What they do make is Ethiopian food.  Apparently DC has the largest community of Ethiopians in the world outside of Ethiopia.  The closest Ethiopian restaurant in California was a twenty minute drive.  Here, they’re all over the city.  I’ve been to two already: one, Etete, that was much hipper than I ever imagined Ethiopian food to be, and the other, Abiti, that was delicious and quiet.  I plan to sample many more in the near future.

In other news, I am still jobless, and now homeless as well.  The housing market here is rough.  Lots of competition for spaces in group houses, populated with “young professionals.”  This seems to cover any person between the ages of 20-35 who works at any sort of job or internship in or around Washington, DC.  The open houses they hold remind me of my chances of getting into college.  30 or 40 like-minded, perky young professionals show up and show off to be the lucky one selected for the empty room.  To try to succeed, I’ve become a religious user of Craigslist.  I refresh the page every half hour to try to be the first to respond to a posting.  And every time, I write a new personal ad.  Not many responses yet, so I may need to start getting more creative in my self-descriptions.

I don’t know whether it’s comforting or discouraging that most people I know moved to DC, then found housing after looking around for weeks or even months.  Hopefully the employment thing will be solved soon so that I can at least tell people I have some source of income with which to pay my rent…

If you know anyone looking for housing in DC, let me know…


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