Random Midday Thoughts

  • My friends are having amazing adventures.  Several are biking from Tierra del Fuego to Caracas, Venezuela.  Others are trekking off to Africa.  I am in Washington DC, but I am already fantasizing about adventures to be had a year or two or three down the road.  Driving around Australia, climbing Kilimanjaro, taking a boat up the Amazon, teaching English in Asia.  Don’t know what it’ll be yet, but I’m currently lusting after bigger adventures.
  • Seen on DC Craigslist:

Let’s Do a Book and Become Famous


I hold a number of unusual poems that an artist might like to illustrate. Comical, Political, Romantic, and Historical. Guaranteed unique topics ready for visual interpretation. Let’s build a rare and intelligent book for publication. Sample poem:


I breathe under water don’t you think that’s quite a trait?
“A mutation,” say the genome folks who look at DNA
But the gene remains a mystery and time is growing late.
Because my genitals shoot out blanks, I have no progeny
I make a lot of money while the experts prick and prod
for the A-G-C-T twist of fate that will bring the Nobel Prize.
No one else will ever drown once they become God
But since Yahweh is a myth, they’re nothing but smart guys.
So I live out on a remote island where I can use my skill
Protected by a bunch of yahoos with guns up on the roof.
The feds think I am someone; someone might want to kill
Perhaps I should tell someone that I am also bulletproof.

  • In an ideal world, all museums would be free.  Or they would be small and charge minimal admission fees.  For example, the Museum of Modern Art could separate its collection into three or four $3 exhibits — the traveling exhibition, the permanent painting, photography, and sculpture.  Then you wouldn’t feel obligated to see the whole thing in a marathon museum day for your $15 ticket.  Because those marathon days are really a killer.  Who knows how many kids have been forever turned off to art because of cruel parents who forced it on them from an early age.

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