New Feature

Check out the feed that’s new to my site. I’ll use it to post the best of the thought-provoking, amusing, or just plain useless articles I read all day long to the blog.

To start, I’ve linked to some articles mentioned earlier, but also a great piece from the New York Times’s Education section about pressure on high school girls. Worth reading if you ever were an overachieving high school girl (the article calls us ‘amazing’ for the record) or ever knew an overachieving high school girl.

Also, two of these girls let the Times publish their college essays. I’ve linked to the one I found more compelling. The other girl dropped vocabulary words like a social climber in DC drops power-laden names at a cocktail party. Anyway, I shouldn’t comment too much, since I know how hard it is to write one of these things and actually come off as genuine, but it’s still some kind of insight into the mind of the college admissions game. Just to remind us who’ve already left the place that the game is still competitive as ever.


One Response to “New Feature”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Hey Robin! I came across your blog through Jon’s website and am really enjoying it! The second essay to which you link is pretty unaware: for someone who thinks she’s learned everything from her teacher, this girl sure has trouble with diction. I feel okay judging her because of her gratuitous discussion of her mid-year and final grade in that class.

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