Tax Women Less?

Caitlin sent me this blog post about why we should tax women at a lower rate than men. Read it, and tell me what you think in the comments. Would you go this far? Is it discriminatory to create monetary policies that explicitly react to the differences in economic contributions between men and women? Is that acceptable because we’re not equal yet, or is it a step backwards to codify inequality in the tax code? When do we draw the line and stop taxing men and women differently?


2 Responses to “Tax Women Less?”

  1. Daniela Says:

    This is the worst idea ever.

  2. Deacon Says:

    that’s a classic outlook coming from people who want to insure that men have even less of an incentive than they already do to do all the back breaking, dangerous, unpleasant, uninspiring crap we have to do as men. i guess if our lives were based around shopping, we would have about ten reasons why women should be doing everything, and we should be doing nothing, and the reason why not, is because we’re all to busy working!

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