She Can’t Be Serious

Hillary Clinton’s campaign song is a CELINE DION song! I was so prepared to give Hillary a chance – you know, first woman with a real chance to win the presidency, think of the possibilities for America’s place in the world, good Democrat, good feminist. But this is UNFORGIVABLE. It’s practically reason enough to support Obama.

Seriously, how does she expect to appeal to women of my generation, or any generation, or any man in his right mind anywhere, by promoting herself, even ASSOCIATING herself, with Celine Dion? It’s like she’s handing the youth vote to Obama like an unbelievably large sapphire on a golden chain that he doesn’t even have to swim down to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve.

This is not 1997. Unless she wants to star in Titanic II, Hillary better dump Celine.


On mulling this over after my initial quick-response reaction, I’ve decided that there is one possible explanation for the faux-pas of Hillary’s marketing skills to young folks: someone with sabotage or cynicism in mind must have organized the write-in campaign. Maybe a rival campaign (Obama, perhaps?) or just a bunch of young, bored, ironic cynics who stare at useless information on the internetz all day and decided this would be HILLarious.

Repulsifying lyrics after the jump.

Here are the repulsifying lyrics:

  High above the mountains, far across the sea
I can hear your voice calling out to me
Brighter than the sun and darker than the night
I can see your love shining like a light
And on and on this earth spins like a carousel
If I could travel across the world
The secrets I would tellChorus:
You and I
Were meant to fly
Higher than the clouds
We’ll sail across the sky
So come with me
And you will feel
That we’re soaring
That we’re floating up so high
‘Cause you and I were meant to flySailing like a bird high on the wings of love
Take me higher than all the stars above
I’m burning, yearning
Gently turning round and round
I’m always rising up I never
Want to come back downChorus x2

You and I were meant to fly


6 Responses to “She Can’t Be Serious”

  1. Gerald Says:

    Good lord. I’m right there with you…

  2. Celine Dion? « Virtual Bourgeois Says:

    […] it here. Posted in American culture, politics, news […]

  3. elainemeyer Says:

    You’re right, this is pretty dreadful, but I will say this: Celine Dion’s song about “touch[ing] me like that” is one of the best karaoke songs, ever.

  4. Nellie Says:

    Yeah, it’s a pretty awful song. And Canadian. Nothing against Canada, but this is the freaking campaign for president of the United States of America.

  5. Robin Says:

    You’re right, Elaine. Along with Total Eclipse of the Heart, I can’t think much of anything I’d rather sing at karaoke.
    And Nellie, not only is it a Canadian song, it was written as a jingle for Air Canada.
    The humor and Bill cameo of the Sopranos parody video on the website almost made up for the travesty that is the theme song, but it wasn’t quite hip enough to undo the image damage done by Celine.

  6. sasha Says:

    ugh, that’s embarrassing. why does she have to make it so hard to like her?

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